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Double Deep Pallet Rack

By placing a second row of Selective Pallet Rack immediately behind the first row, we create Double Deep Pallet Rack shelving.  This eliminates the need for an aisle between two storage racks and saves up to 65% of the available floor space.  Double deep systems require deep reach lift trucks.

Because it retains most of the properties of selective rack, it’s possible to add decking and other accessories to a double deep system.

Can Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems help fix your storage headaches?

If you:

  • Need increased storage density
  • Don’t need 100% immediate access to all products
  • Stock rotation is less important
  • Want flexibility in expanding or reconfiguring your storage
  • Require an economical solution

Double Deep Rack will increase your capacity while respecting your budget.

Similar to selective rack, double deep is available in a variety of heights, depths, bay lengths and capacities and can be combined with rows of pallet rack allowing us to create a customized solution for your specific needs.

DAK has pallet racking for sale and we work with the premiere manufacturers in the material handling industry.  Visit our Providers Page to discover more about these best-in-class companies.


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