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K3 WERKS® Safety And Protection Products

DAK Equipment and Engineering, a premier material handling solutions integrator, is adding to the K3 WERKS proprietary product line. To mark our anniversary of 25 years of excellence, DAK introduces the K3 WERKS Safety and Protection line. 

Since 1995, DAK Equipment & Engineering has been providing warehouse and material flow solutions to North America. K3 WERKS products are designed for your business and achieve the perfect balance between price and performance. Our K3 products are backed by an exclusive K3 WERKS 3-year extended warranty, a $295 value at no cost to you. 

Safety and protection equipment represent a critical component to efficient operations for all of us in the material handling industry. So, it’s fitting that we launch our K3 WERKS product line with our custom sprinkler guards, made in the USA. Every hour of the day employees, contractors, heavy equipment, and forklifts can easily break sprinkler heads. Extensive water damage is likely to occur while you wait for the water to get shut off. Protect your inventory and warehouse with K3 WERKS Super Duty in-rack Sprinkler Guards.

K3 small gaurd

Flue Space Sprinkler Guard


Mounted to the beams, these guards protect in-rack sprinkler heads from impact and damage from pallets and loads. Standard and custom sizes are available depending on your requirements.

Adjustable Sprinkler Guard


Flue spaces are not always consistent throughout a warehouse, which requires flexibility of your protection products. We offer adjustable sprinkler guards as a solution. Adjustable sprinkler guards are mounted to the beams and offer the same protection of in-rack sprinkler heads as our standard guards, but can be adjusted to fit your requirements.

K3 type 1 - edit
K3 type 3

Single Beam Mounted Sprinkler Guard


Do you require a single beam mount sprinkler guard? We offer a K3 exclusive single beam mounted sprinkler guard as well, also equipped with the K3 Werks 3-year warranty.


  • Offset brackets 

  • High impact durability 

  • Yellow Powder Coated

  • Custom sizes available 

  • Hardware included 

  • Made in the USA 

If you require a custom designed sprinkler guard, DAK Equipment and Engineering offers custom sizes for your specific warehouse configuration. Call us today for a free, custom quote and start tailoring your warehouse equipment to fit your needs with DAK. 

Contact us today @ 630.516.1115 or fill in the contact form below to request more information. You may also email us at k3werks@dakequipment.com.

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