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November 2, 2013

Price vs Performance (and Safety)

Deck R-Mark

Let the buyer beware!  A sentiment so old it was spoken in ancient Rome as “Caveat Emptor!”  With the growing availability of cheap imported wire decking becoming more common, it’s important to understand the differences that separate good quality from inferior.

Simply stated, less expensive decking that isn’t R-Mark certified got to be that way for one simple reason: less steel!   Manufacturers lower cost by reducing the amount of steel in the deck.  They do this in three basic ways: using thinner wire, increasing the spacing between the wires, or using thinner and/or smaller support channels.

Nashville Wire R-Mark We only offer R-Mark Certified wire decking because of the reliability, durability and safety involved.  Without getting too deep into the details, R-Mark certified decking must be subjected to a rigorous physical test which tests the part for both deflection under load and then on up to the actual point of collapse.  These results are then reviewed by independent engineers with expertise in racking systems to certify the capacity determined by the testing.

You can learn more about the R-Mark program and RMI here.

Does inexpensive decking have it’s place?  Sure, particularly if you’re looking for a light-duty solution in a hand-stack situation. But knowing what you’re getting for the price is important regardless of application.

Your customers demand that your pallet racking meet code.  Shouldn’t the decking you sell be certified too?


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