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May 8, 2015

Equipto Bulk Rack Blow Out Sale

hot price

This is getting ridiculous.

Believe it or not, we’re getting another huge shipment of used equipment.  We tried to turn it down because we’ve already purchased the other big lots of used that I’ve mentioned to you before.  But….this customer really needed to get rid of his Equipto bulk rack so we bit the bullet and helped him out.

Now you can benefit because we need this stuff GONE!

Here’s the Deal

The Specs:

  • Bays are 144″H x 72″W and your choice of 24″ or 36″D
  • Wire deck panels and clips are included
  • Shelf capacity is 700#


The Deal:

  • $60 for each starter bay
  • $50 for each add-on
  • Your Volume Discounts Apply!
    • Receive another 2% off for a purchase over $5,000
    • Receive an additional 4% discount when buying over $10,000


Compare to New at Over $900 per Bay!
Call me now at 630-516-1115 extension 238
to learn more or place an order

We have hundreds of bays available but if you need even more, I can get it from our customer. Just let me know.


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