Couple Your Pallet Racks With A Gravity Conveyor

Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we strive to offer business solutions to your distribution facility to increase the efficiency of your materials handling systems. Whether you’re looking for some wholesale pallet racks or a conveyor system to pair with your pallet racks, we’ve got it all. If you’re looking to reduce your operational costs, reduce your needed manpower, increase the capacity of your warehouse, and improve your accuracy and quality of work within your distribution facility, a gravity conveyor may be just the thing you need.

The role of a conveyor system is to transport your products between order fulfillment steps in your facility. A gravity conveyor works by providing accumulation buffers throughout the fulfillment process to allow for a workflow balance. These accumulation buffers also allow for ongoing production when delays occur downstream in processing. The gravity conveyor is a non-powered system and is the simplest form of a conveyor. It works simply by using the force of inertia to move your products on down the line. It’s a great materials handling system for facilities that often load and unload over-the-road trucks and for pick modules where employees complete their work and push it down to the next station.

A gravity conveyor system can be a critical part of your facility’s operational efficiency and profitability. When you choose to do business with DAK Equipment & Engineering, we make sure that you have a properly selected, well designed, and safely implemented to improve your distribution center’s current performance and give it the flexibility to grow and adapt to future needs.

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