Film Producer

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Industrial Film Producer, needed to maximize capacity and improve product flow based on changing product mix.

Project Objective:

Without moving or adding on to current facility reorganize the racking for better product differentiation and increase the overall storage capacity.


Project Scope:

Layout of the facility needed to be completely rotated 180 degrees in phased approach while coordinating with fire suppression contractor to bring the building up to current code and never be without fire protection. Much of the existing racking was damaged or out dated so it was replaced with new or repaired. Custom wood rub rails were used to prevent future damage to drive in racks.


Project Data:
  • Building size: 100,200 square feet.
  • Number of pallet positions before project 7,900
  • Number of pallet positions upon project completion 11,900
  • Reused & repaired pallet racking positions = 4820
  • New pallet racking positions = 7080


Solutions Used:
  • New Interlake Drive In Racking
  • New Interlake Selective Racking
  • New Interlake Rack Repair
  • New Nashville Wire Deck
  • Labor and Project Management

Built by Clique Studios